About Us

Our Approach

Whether you are a parent to a toddler or a preschool Educator, Enriching Early Learning will assist you to learn and grow. We specialise in Early Childhood Education and our primary goal is to help parents and educators in their journey with young children. This goal is achieved through our community of Enriching Early Learning. Meet our community here.

Meet the Team

FounderArzoo Amirali Fidai

Arzoo Fidai is an Early Childhood Educator and loves to engage with different stakeholders in this field. It’s her innate nature that has given birth to this initiative of helping the parents and educators and providing young children with quality resources.

She is not just an Educator, but also a Author, Youtuber and a Blogger. Her passion for writing and love for Early Childhood Education has combined together to form Enriching Early Learning for the world.