Alphabet Practice Bundle – the new summer freebie for kids

Learning is an ongoing activity that shouldn’t get hit with the Summer break. Parents can support preschoolers and Kindergarteners in practicing and learning new skills. One of the best ways to do this is through low prep activities. Today, Tanya and Tanmay are here to share a very interesting Alphabet Practice Bundle that they had used with their children. Sophie and Ryan would spend hours practicing their literacy skills using this bundle. So let us dive in to understand more about this activity.

You can also DOWNLOAD this low prep activity at the end of this post.

Materials required:

  1. Free Alphabet practice printables
  2. Two-way velcro dots
  3. Laminating sheets or sheet protectors
  4. Dry erase markers
Alphabet practice Bundle – Matching Letters


  1. Print all the pages on an A4 size sheet of paper and Laminate them or alternately use some sheet protectors
  2. For tracing, simply provide children with a dry erase marker and let them practice tracing capital and small letters
  3. The tracing sheets can be reused multiple times as it becomes easy to wipe off the tracing with wet wipes or tissues
  4. For matching the alphabets, you can use any alphabet manipulatives or alternately print the extra copies of pages 7 and 8. Cut the alphabet tiles and use them for a matching game. (Tip – Two-way Velcro would be best for this)
  5. For matching beginning sounds, you can make use of alphabet manipulatives or alternatively use the answer key, cut them into tiles, and use it for matching
Alphabet Practice Bundle – Matching sounds