3 ways for preparation of bedtime: An ideal family practice

One thing that probably did not change in pandemic was the way Tanmay and his family made preparation for bedtime. Though the life was initially disrupted with the onset of pandemic, they was determined to continue with their bedtime rituals. These bed time rituals has been consistent in this family since the time Sophie and Ryan were born. This habit benefitted them. They could wake up early and engage in their respective household and professional chores. Let us dive into the rituals they followed before bed.

Wrap up:

Everyone in the family knew about the time dedicated to preparation of bedtime rituals. Just before that, everyone at home begins to wrap up their rooms. Tanmay takes up their bedroom and ensure its neat and clean before bed. Tanya manages the living room and looks for any unattended chores. Sophie and Ryan work in their bedroom and sets up everything well. This habit allows everyone to keep the house neat and comfortable place to get sleep.

Bedtime hygiene:

One of the most common bedtime routine that every household may have – the bedtime hygiene. Everyone in the family considers following this part of routine. After clearing up the whole house, they end up taking a warm shower and brushing their teeth. Everyone dresses up in their soft and comfortable night Pyjamas. This can make anyone fresh for a good night sleep. Tanya and Tanmay’s friend circle have parents who also end up having bedtime snacks so that children are full through out the night. But Sophie and Ryan are well fed with evening snack and dinner that keeps them full. So it is a NO NO for bedtime snacking over here.

Building up the sleepy mood:

Everyday, after the bedtime hygiene both Tanya and Tanmay cuddle their children on bed. They would first recite their night prayer. Later they would read a nice story to children from their story book collections. They dim the room lights, put on the blankets and begin reading. A big NO NO to screen time as it affects sleeping for young children. Another strategy for getting into sleep peacefully is playing some soft music. They keep the music on until both Sophie and Ryan are asleep. Tanya’s idea to put up an aroma diffuser in children’s room has always been successful in creating a fresh environment for sleep.

So readers don’t you think this is just an ideal family practice that they follow? What are your bedtime rituals? You can let us know in the comment section below.