Tanya and Tanmay’s Corner: A fun filled exciting parenting journey

Tanya and Tanmay's Corner

WELCOME to Tanya and Tanmay’s Corner

You must be wondering, what is Tanya and Tanmay’s corner all about? 

Tanya and Tanmay’s Corner is a safe place for all parents filled with so many parenting hacks. Tanya and Tanmay are one of the very essential members of Enriching Early Learning Community and parents to Sophie, 8 year old and Ryan 4 year old. Their journey of parenting is just as yours: wild, sweet, tangy yet full of beautiful memories. Tanya and Tanmay intends to share their Secret recipes on Parenting with every parent around the world.

You can expect Tanya and Tanmay’s Corner to overflow every week with either a piece of advice, a tip, their best practices in parenting or maybe incidents from their parenting that can inspire you and make your parenting journey effective.

If there is anything specific you are looking for, you may leave a comment below the BLOG and we will try to get back on that in our next month’s Blog. 

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