2 pregnancy conditions you may not know about

Hello readers, Parenting cycle begins from the time when we hear the good news. I am Tanmay and I am here today to share with you a little about 2 pregnancy conditions you may not be aware about. One of them was our own personal experience, that Tanya went through during her first pregnancy.

Tanya was at 26 weeks of pregnancy. She was diagnosed with Gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes is a type of diabetes that occurs only during pregnancy, and magically disappears after the birth of the baby. Our gynaecologist said, it was because she had too much of amniotic fluid in her amniotic sac. The other causes could be family history of diabetes, overweight or previous still birth. Gestational diabetes, prevents a woman’s body from absorbing carbohydrates and breaks it down to glucose during digestion.

The following can happen to the baby if mother is diagnosed with Gestational diabetes:

Large baby: The baby receives nutrients from mother’s blood through placenta. More glucose in blood makes more insulin in baby’s body and your baby grows faster and bigger. Occasionally this can result in early delivery and most of the times through C-section. Tanya delivered Sophie a week earlier than her due. Sophie was healthy because she scored great on APGAR scale. 

Do not worry, your baby shall not be born with any birth defects or diabetes. If he develops diabetes, the reasons could be family history, body weight or lifestyle choices of family.

The key is to keep your blood Glucose at normal levels through:

  • Meal planning 
  • Blood Glucose Monitoring 
  • Medication (if suggested by doctors) 

Ectopic pregnancy:

The second most less known type or condition of pregnancy is Ectopic pregnancy. Tanya’s friend, Riya faced ectopic pregnancy. Right from the start, Riya faced abdominal and shoulder pain all through her first two months of pregnancy. Riya’s 8 week ultrasound reports were out. And the gynaecologist said, “The fertilised egg has been implanted in the Fallopian tubes which is causing her pain and distress.” We were all shocked to hear this.  

Mostly the the ectopic pregnancy occurs in the Fallopian tubes, but they can still occur in other areas of body such as, ovary, abdominal cavity or cervix.A classical ectopic pregnancy does not result in live birth.

The early the detection, the better it becomes for the treatment.  The farther the pregnancy, more difficult it becomes for the mother. Treatment options include laparoscopic surgery and methotrexane drug therapy. Riya, was treated in time and so hence did not had to undergo any surgery.

So dear readers, if you come across anyone facing these symptoms across your family and friends, you now very well know what is about. So help them comprehend this pregnancy conditions and direct them for early detection.

We hope you enjoyed reading. We shall be back soon.


Happy reading!!!


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