First year of parenting: 4 hassles of new life

Hello readers, I am glad you are back again. Today we have Tanya and Tanmay here. They are here to share some facts you should know about first year of parenting.

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Hello friends,

I, am Tanya and my husband Tanmay are here with you today. We have seen many young couples being depressed in the first year of parenting. This happens amidst the happiness the family is into, which often disturbs the routine and wellness. We both have faced some of these issues too when our kids, Sophie and Ryan were born. And so, we want to make you aware about the 5 troubles parents face in their first year of parenting.

Do not get horrified by these terms, as we would be looking into each of them in detail in our later dialogues, with possible resolutions. So, let us get started.

Post-partum depression (PPD):

After you deliver your baby, your body undergoes so many changes. Yes, these are all related to hormones in your body, they are high when you pregnant and significantly drops down when you deliver your baby. You would start feeling guilty, hopeless, sad, irritable, experience anger, and all the negative feelings on earth. Most importantly you may feel difficult to bond with your baby and feel like harming either him or yourself. My husband, Tanmay suffered from Paternal Postpartum Depression (PPPD) when our second son, Ryan was born. Yes, fathers can go through Postpartum Depression too. He started withdrawing socially, had low energy and fatigue consistently and remained stressed, anxious and aggressive most of the times. Our Counselor, Mrs. Saniya Kapoor, stated that the risk factors contributing to these were continuous lack of sleep, high stress of family and work and feeling of exclusion from the bond between mother and child.  So, whoever it is, you or your partner suffering PPD, it becomes important to support each other during this phase of parenting.

Sleep regression:

Sleep regressions are fearful sight for parents who witness it. Especially when it happens all of a sudden to their infant. It is an event where the babies who used to have sound sleep, suddenly start waking up at night screaming and crying profusely. It can occur at different junctures of development like 6 weeks, 3-4 months, 6,8,12, 18 or at 24 months. The babies undergo growth spurts at these junctures. They have different sleeping patterns more adult like now. They have cognitive development happening inside alongside physical milestones like sitting up, scooting, crawling etc. All this developmental milestone coincides with the sleep, which is completely normal. You just have to be with your baby, holding him and comforting him all the time.

Colic Babies:

Your baby is super tender, and the only way of communication for him is through crying. But with colic, there is no reason for your baby to cry, he just cries for no evident reason. As it is not any kind of a disease, it does not have any special medication except for passing over this phase with time. This fussy crying can leave you irritated as it lasts for 3 hours or more and remains for weeks long. It can start right at 2 weeks after your baby is born and can last up to 3 or maybe 4 months of age. Many parents mistake the colic cry as the expression of pain which is not the case. There is no proper cause to Colicky but, experts say that the contributing factors could be imbalance of digestive tract, Infrequent burping, over or under feeding or family stress.


This is something all babies have to go through. Some babies get through their first teeth without any prior signs, but many do experience high level of discomfort. The infants can start teething anywhere between 4 to 7 months. When Ryan turned 5 months, he started turning highly irritable. He refused to eat his food but gnawed on almost everything he found, maybe he found hard things pretty soothing for his gums. This discomfort also affected his night sleep to a greater extent, which further resulted is fussiness at night time. It was impossible for me and Tanya to take enough sleep as his fussiness went on for nights. If you experience similar symptoms, hey there, you got to celebrate as your child may soon have his first teeth, a new milestone is soon to be achieved.

We know that reading through this dialogue, can leave you terrified especially if you are into first year of parenting or about to become one. But do not panic, as every problem has a possible solution to it. It may be applicable to some and not to others. But you can always try and test whatever works best for your baby.
Remember every child in this universe is unique in his or her own way. Not all of you will experience these troubles, but it is always great to be aware of possible conditions that can occur.

We wish you all the best for your first year of parenting journey.

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