Lockdown Diaries: Celebrating Eid in the shadow of Pandemic

As Eid is knocking the doors again, Tanmay recalls memories of this festival celebrated with family last year. They celebrated Eid in the shadow of the pandemic. Tanya recollected how Ryan was not convinced with the idea of celebrating Eid because they are not Muslims by religion. Tanya and Tanmay explained that our Muslim brothers and sisters across the world celebrates Eid every year. This festival marks an ending to their 30 days long fasting period. And they take this opportunity of Eid to be grateful to Allah (God) for the all the blessings he bestows on them.

To this Ryan asked, “We do not fast, so why and how will we celebrate Eid?” Tanya quickly explained that festivals are joyous occasions. Anyone can celebrate festivals. We should respect each other’s culture as well as religion. Like we celebrate Diwali and it signifies that good always wins over bad similarly every festival teaches us something. And festival of Eid teaches us the concept of Charity. Eid teaches us to share with others because sharing is caring. Every year before Eid, Muslim brothers and sisters gather some funds to help people in need. Alternatively, they share savoured food, sweets or clothes and exchange good wishes for health and happiness.

Sophie quickly said, “This is a beautiful concept indeed. But we are under strict lockdown. We can’t go out or help others” Tanmay replied, “you are absolutely correct Sophie. We cannot move out because it is not safe. But Charity begins at home. We are one week away from Eid. So we will celebrate this theme within our family. Let us begin by helping each other in different ways”

Tanya and Tanmay created a chart titled “Charity begins at home”. They practiced noting down a helping deed on this chart every day until Eid arrived. At the day of Eid, Tanya and Tanmay gifted their children and explained that these gifts were for them because they did tremendous helping deeds across the week. Tanya also explained that during Eid, children do get these gifts or money from their elders as part of tradition and its called, “Eidi”. Tanya also prepared yummy kheer for everyone at home to celebrate this festive occasion.

Later that day, both Tanya and Tanmay called their children and said, “we did practice Charity at home. Now its time to do something for others. We know that we cannot go outside, but we can still help people in need. We can donate some funds to the government. These funds will be used for people and families who are suffering from COVID-19.”

Sophie and Ryan ran back to their room and got their piggy banks and said, “Mumma and Daddy, this is our contribution to the COVID-19 relief fund”

Tanya and Tanmay was so proud to have succeeded in inculcating a new value of charity and sharing in their children. Since we are still going to celebrate Eid in the shadow of this pandemic, they are thinking of doing something unique this year. If you have any suggestions, please do share them with us so that Tanya and Tanmay can implement your ideas to celebrate Eid this year

Eid Mubarak to one and all.